Welcome to the Exchange.

...which is what, exactly? We love single cell analysis, and thankfully so do you and many other people. As cytometric analyses continue to grow in both complexity and nuance, we realized the need to open up FlowJo to address the breadth of unique analyses and help people share the fantastic tools they have developed in their lab.

5 Example plugins and Developer Documentation : NEW, 5 documented examples of FlowJo plugins and API documentation.

GitHub, Scripting, and FlowJo? Oh my!

Don't worry, we are pretty obsessive about documentation. Each tool we have provided steps you through how to use the script, plugin, or visualization and we urge others who post to do the same. No javascript, HTML, or black belt skills are required.

There are 3 types of tools you will find here which can all be used with FlowJo:

1. Scripts

FlowJo's script editor is integrated directly into the core of FlowJo, and gives real-time access to all statistics, gates, groups, and metadata for use in creating custom analysis tools within FlowJo. This allows a user to write code that will be executed within the program using Java script OR for a biologist to drop some of the scripts hosted here into FlowJo to help with their particular application (e.g. index sorting).

Scripts produced in the Script editor can be saved as text files, shared, and run by anyone in three clicks by loading them into a FlowJo workspace and clicking “Run”.

Available Scripts:

2. Plug-ins

Yea, we can cluster that. If you have an algorithm or application that needs to do something upon opening or saving OR you would like exported population data and user-specified parameters passed to your application, we can do that. In fact, we can bring the clusters back into FlowJo so everyone can use what you have written. To learn more, please see our FlowJo for developers page (coming soon).

3. Visualizations

Some of us spend our weekend playing with visualizations (yes, seriously) and we'll post some here with some instructions for use.

Need to cite the Exchange?

Here it is: J. Quinn, S. Duncan, M. Golden, M. Swindle, S. Weiss, M. Stadnisky. FlowJo Exchange : A means of meeting the computational needs of the flow community. CYTO 2015: XXX Congress of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry. Glasgow, Scotland. June 2015.

...and please be sure to let people know what script you used.

Need Help?

Drop us a line - exchange@flowjo.com and techsupport@flowjo.com